Our Story

On the 7th May 2015 T. M. Browne Ltd celebrated 30 successful years in business. The journey from husband and wife team to a limited company employing more than 50 people with an annual
turnover of more than 8.5 million has not been an easy one – it wasn’t a linear progression.

Like all businesses, T. M. Browne Ltd has encountered its share of ups and downs. However, because there have always been strong family bonds within the company and many of the workforce have been recruited from extended family and family friends, the growth of the business has been reassuring and steady.

Traditional values of good workmanship, pride in a job well done and an emphasis on training and apprenticeships, have developed a dedicated workforce. Proof of this is the fact that sons and daughters of current and past employees, are now working at T. M. Browne Ltd and it is hoped that this will continue for future generations.

Continuous employment has resulted in a consistently loyal team who take on challenges of day to day building and maintenance work, knowing they are supported by an equally rigorous and
professional senior level of managers. More importantly, in overall charge of the organisation, is a fair and dedicated family unit who they can rely on to look after them and to steer a sure and dependable course into the future.

To read more about our history please click here to download our 30 Successful Years in Business Book.